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Toon City Animation | Toon City Deepens Commitment to Toon Boom Harmony
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Toon City Deepens Commitment to Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced today that Toon City, a Philippines-based animation studio, has signed a three-year software purchase agreement for additional Harmony Premium licenses. As part of this agreement, Toon City will work with Toon Boom Animation in pushing the boundaries of the quality of animation produced at their studio – including using the latest features of Harmony 12 such as the advanced 3D light shading, envelope deformers, node-based compositing effects, as well as producing content at both 4K and 8K resolutions.

“Toon City is synonymous with production quality and productivity, and has worked on many major projects for studios around the world,” said François Lalonde, VP of Sales at Toon Boom. “This agreement is a confirmation of their ongoing commitment and dedication to excellence in their production work.”

With the additional seat purchases, Toon City will now have greater capacity to take on more international projects in both traditional paperless and cut-out animation styles – where their customers are looking for higher production quality while getting projects realized at a competitive cost. Toon Boom Animation will also work with Toon City in developing more Harmony-trained artists in the region.

“The demand for higher quality animated content is exploding worldwide,” said Miguel del Rosario, CEO at Toon City. “We have had a long-standing and excellent relationship with Toon Boom through the years. In fact, we were one of its first clients in Southeast Asia. Toon Boom is very much a part of our success as they clearly understand our needs even more so now as creators and directors push us to the limit, demanding extraordinary quality for the animation styles they require.”

About Toon City

Toon City is a 22-year-old animation studio based in the Philippines. Starting out as an exclusive studio for Disney, it opened its doors to other major production houses in the US, Canada and Europe in 2004.

Drawing from its wealth of experience, Toon City continues to deliver timely and outstanding quality feature film and TV series animation to its ever demanding clients. Toon City now belongs to an exclusive roster of studios, having been recognized with an Emmy award for its Outstanding Animated Children’s Program in 2010 for Curious George.

Recognizing the need for younger talent for Philippine animation, Toon City established Toon City Academy in 2014 to offer no-frills courses on basic and cut-out animation.

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