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Who are we?

Choice Animation Studio in Asia Pacific

Starting as a traditional animation service provider for Walt Disney Television, Toon City has steadily grown over the years into becoming a choice animation facility of Asia. Toon City is the animation production house for major clients around the world, including Walt Disney Television Animation, Universal Animation, Warner Bros. Animation, Rovio Entertainment, etc., offering the very best in high quality 2D traditional, Cut-Out, and Flash animation.

We Take Fun Seriously

Combining first-in-class technology with Filipino talent and top industry standards of quality, housed in a ten thousand square foot (1,000 m2) studio, accommodating four┬áhundred of the finest animation artists and technicians in the industry – Toon City maintains only the most rigorous production, quality assurance and industry standards in delivering to its clients.

Our work

At Toon City, we take fun seriously. We are proud to be reputed for continuously pushing the envelope of quality utilizing top industry standards in our work made possible by our world-class team. Our company has worked with some of the world’s most famous media companies – producing and delivering various animated films and other features that have grown to become household names and fond memories of people across the world.

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